End Covid Lockdown deception, Demand a Referendum now!

End Covid Lockdown deception, Demand a Referendum now!

The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national State of Disaster in March 2020 based on an alleged deadly virus called Sars-Cov2 that causes a disease called Covid-19. This declaration resulted in the limitation of several rights of the people of South Africa. The President failed to provide proof of the alleged deadly virus and thus he is in breach of his Constitutional obligation to ensure that limitations of the Bill of rights are reasonable and justifiable.

We are approaching the Constitutional Court for a case of State Capture against the Executive, Legislature and SARB.

Executive: they declared and implemented a national State of Disaster without reason and justification.

Legislature: they failed to keep the Executive accountable when the declaration was made and during subsequent extension of the State of Disaster

SARB: they financed the national State of Disaster without verifying the validity thereof.

We intend to seek voluntary resignation of the Executive, Legislature and the governors of SARB; should they fail to do so, the ConCourt must order the President to hold a Referendum on the vote of no confidence on the above respondents.

Why sign this Petition?

Rights 7. (1) This Bill of Rights is a cornerstone of democracy in South Africa. It enshrines the rights of all people in our country and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom. (2) The state must respect, protect, promote and fulfil the rights in the Bill of Rights.

If there is no isolated & purified virus, then there is no justification for the State to take away or limit our rights. Grab this opportunity to reclaim your Constitutional rights!

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Jacobus Kirsten 15.08.2021 at 16:23
End this stupid lockdown
Kwazi Gazu 15.08.2021 at 16:23
State capture. Unnecessary lockdowns. Show us the virus.
Magdaleen de Beer 15.08.2021 at 16:17
Show us the virus!!!
Petro Ferreira 15.08.2021 at 16:16
I urge the people in power to listen to reason and stop buying into control. You have lost all credibility and are sinking fast. The only way you can save yourself is by being honest and doing the best for the country
Mohau Nyaku 15.08.2021 at 16:16
Im signing this petition as i know and see by the actions of current President ,Cyril Ramaphosa that this Corona thing is a lie.

i mean 1 example, how can we keep a social distancing on public spaces but we dont in the public transports.Meaning we are pretending to this so called virus by wearing So called masks and so called sanitizing hands....This is devilish.
I take this so called Corona Virus as a second name for Influenza..................
Merilyn Siebert 15.08.2021 at 16:15
End lockdown on false pretenses
Merilyn Siebert 15.08.2021 at 16:13
End lockdown deception
Rauchelle 15.08.2021 at 16:11
This so called virus is a man made thing and it's all a plot to wipe out more then half of the human population.
Nazley 15.08.2021 at 16:10
We demand to to the virus
Sthembiso Mkhwanazi 15.08.2021 at 16:10
I fully support this petition.
Narriman du Plessis 15.08.2021 at 16:10
Thank you for your bravery, Ricardo and team!
You have the support of millions of sane THINKUNG people worldwide... "When you stand up for what's right,you will NEVER stand alone"...
Praying for victory ????
moegsien hassan 15.08.2021 at 16:09
I support "show me the virus". Thete is no Democracy involved.
Cindy 15.08.2021 at 16:08
The government has not had the interest of the people of South Africa in hand and they have been doing this for their own agenda aka FWO. I do not support the South African government and believe that they are in fact captured. End the lockdown and give people a chance to go out work and feed their families again.
Mfanufikile 15.08.2021 at 16:08
If virus is affecting millions of people ,why they not able to show it to the people ,its been a while since they told us about it ,still no proof
Maria Pretorius 15.08.2021 at 16:07
This lockdown was unnecsory which so many business to closed down unable to keep there staff and caused more people to be jobless. The lockdown are bizarre and costing the country millions. Due to this more people are forced to steel from others. Prices of food have become ridiculous as they are pushing their agenda with fear manipulation and intimidation.
There are cures for this flu like all the previous years but they are being banned or the protocols being laid down by unqualified are with holding proper medical treatment from people.
Please help the small business to get back onto there feet again. They help the economy to grow & people get jobs. Stop furthermore lockdowns in future.
Leonie du Plessis 15.08.2021 at 16:05
End covid lockdown demand a referendum
Vidette Mc Lellan 15.08.2021 at 16:04
We are adults, we can take responsibility for our own health. We take responsibility to navigate this life by making our own choices.
Stop this madness. Stop trying to NANNY our citizens into compliant robots.
Lucille 15.08.2021 at 16:03
Shakoor 15.08.2021 at 16:03
End lockdown
Mduduzi 15.08.2021 at 16:03
State Capture by the use of Covid19 must fall.
Nkosinathi Mamba 15.08.2021 at 16:00
Covid-19 was never isolated from a laboratory hence it does not exist. Therefore the lockdown regulations and vaccines are illegal thus they must be stopped or ended
Andries Van Der Mescht 15.08.2021 at 15:59
The Clot Shot Needle Rape Experiment turned (those people who participated in becoming Lab Rats for the state) into walking Corona Viruses. You (the government) created Corona by injecting it into our health care workers and teachers. You created it. You fix it. Your problem is not my problem.
Derryck Beukes 15.08.2021 at 15:59
End Covid Lockdown deception, Demand a Referendum,asap!!
Leonie du Plessis 15.08.2021 at 15:57
I agree show us the virus…end Covid lockdown deception
Thabo 15.08.2021 at 15:56
End the lockdow
Fadeel Hassen 15.08.2021 at 15:56
Bill Gates is a University drop out with no Scientific knowledge. Why is he a forerunner in an industry that the entire world has to listen to his dictates?

Dr. Fauci may be a Medical doctor, but he is in Administration. Why is leading the world in a specialist field of epidemiology?

These culprits, and the Scientific world who supports the cabal has to be brought to book too for their silence and tacit condonation: people died, still die, and more will die. This is not just treacherous, it is also treasonous.

The struggle for justice for all should be expedited. Humanity suffered for far too long by the dark forces who know how to manipulate the gullible through their media propaganda campaigns, to split the righteous in order to divert the majority Sheeples attention.

Saving one life is like saving all of humanity.
Sfiso 15.08.2021 at 15:56
I want dis nonsense of lockdown to end , cos I believe there is no proven virus called corona
Shepard Mncube 15.08.2021 at 15:54
I agree
Aboobekar Ebrahim 15.08.2021 at 15:53
Senseless lock down when restaurant, supermarkets and bottle stores are full and places of worship are empty. People are starved to death due to unemployment, no one in the streets are coughing, or showing signs of fever yet there is a virus whom the government cannot prove. Life in the Townships is normal, no masks, no social distancing, no one dying. Yes the deaths only occur in the media and hospitals. We the citizens of South Africa are not rat labs to be used for vaccines on fake viruses.
Please step down as the president as you are incompetent to run the country.
Clifton Boggenpoel 15.08.2021 at 15:53
End the Scamdemic now. We the people have spoken. Time to get honest Goverment.
Frances Goosen 15.08.2021 at 15:52
This has been absolutely unnecessary and it has ruined this country and caused many businesses to starve and a racism agenda was pushed with this.
We are being forced against our will by friends relatives and employers to take a vaccination that has only been approved for trial. There are hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from people all over the world showing evidence of the damage from the vaccinations.
The lockdown are bizarre and costing the country millions.
Prices if food have become ridiculous as they are pushing their agenda with fear manipulation and intimidation.
There are cures for this flu like all the previous years but they are being banned or the protocols being laid down by unqualified are with holding proper medical treatment from people.

During the first harsh lockdown they were even trying to control what clothes we can buy. Everyone could see what they were doing and crime has escalated due to poverty from all these bizarre lockdown and isolation when it has been proved that none if there so called measurements actually work.

Show us the virus. Come on you have ruined our lives so you should have something to show us as a reason for doing it.
Bonakele Dlamini 15.08.2021 at 15:51
Im against lockdown and vaccine because pleople are dying after got injected. I believe its depopulation agenda. We dont need vaccine. Pls Ramamaphosa step down. U are amonster and devil. U failed da country
Zelda Deetlefs 15.08.2021 at 15:51
End this senseless lockdown and vaccinations NOW!
Stephen Twine 15.08.2021 at 15:50
Stop the vaccines before it's too late ... There is no virus if they can't show it to us... No virus no lockdown no virus no injections ... Save our people from the money making scam of corona19
Maria M Wells 15.08.2021 at 15:49
I agree with this petition
Allan bywater 15.08.2021 at 15:48
End this heinous crime against humanity and lock up all criminals involved. We are tired of this deception and we not blind, we see straight through lies and deceptions you are trying to perpetuate.

Down with the evil Cabal!!!
Our God reigns!!
Floris 15.08.2021 at 15:47
End lockdown, it is destroying the economy unnecessarily.
Heleen vd Merwe 15.08.2021 at 15:46
I hereby request the same as ABOVE mentioned, with full proof of an Purified, Isolated Virus . As individual, I am standing by and that it is my Human Right that allows me to be a free CITIZEN of the Republic of South Africa. Not to be ruled by Any measure of Capturing my free will and Rights..
Nash Singh 15.08.2021 at 15:46
The Ramaphosa administration has not provided proof of a so-called Virus and therefore has no legal right to infringe on the rights and freedoms of the South African people via lockdowns. As a South African citizen, I demand an immediate referendum as I have lost confidence in my president and government.
Paul Bicknell 15.08.2021 at 15:46
End the plandemic
Michael Pretorius 15.08.2021 at 15:45
Bill of Rights.
Need lockdowns to stop.
Stop informing people to take experimental injections against covid 19 .
Stop corruption.
Gabriella Almano 15.08.2021 at 15:42
I would like proof of this virus in the form of an purified isolated sample.
Obakeng Makale 15.08.2021 at 15:41
Locknown is evil and it has destroyed many livelihoods of SAns. Covid19 is not deadly but just a seasonal flu, amplified by vaccines it is now birthing variants after variants.
It's time to stand and use our constitutional right to stop this evil Agenda. Thorugh collective conciousness we will prevail. ✊????
Edgar Adams 15.08.2021 at 15:40
100% support against the South African Corporation
Christopher Douglas Dunn 15.08.2021 at 15:37
Winnie Hulley 15.08.2021 at 15:37
Please stop this insanity by doing experimental gene therapy on people for a fake virus that absolutely no one can show proof of an isolated one. Please show us the virus.
Pierre 15.08.2021 at 15:35
I agree.
Let us stop this madness.
Elaine Coventry 15.08.2021 at 15:33
End the evil tyranny
Mosea shadrack 15.08.2021 at 15:33
Why lock down if media ar working? Some government offices ar working transport is working?
Let the government stop distancing us from jobs, business, worshipping God, truth, supporting one another .
The social distance it's good only if we say let people distance themselves from lies, looting, hunger, killing one another. Laziness fear , and all evil things.
It's an abuse of social distance if they distance us from wealth . Jobs faith .
Nokukhanya Mzolo 15.08.2021 at 15:29
I am 100 % in support of this petition and it's contents
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